Evan Carr, better known as eMagination, is a music producer, musician, artist, and entrepreneur.  The San Jose, California-native specializes in the rock, pop, alternative, indie, as well as other genres.  Whether hired to pen a heavy rock song, radio-friendly pop record, or commercial promo, he has the tools and skillset readily available.

Before beginning this phase of his music career, he had extensive experience touring with many notable national acts, working with established producers, and having his music featured on many different television channels, such as MTV. His first release as an artist, an EP entitled “Where Dreams Begin”, was released on August, 25th, 2015.  Branching out of his usual songwriting roots to create an ambient, melodic Extended Play.

Carr’s music cues have been featured on various television programs on stations such as MTV, Real World, CBS, CBS Sports, NFL Playoffs, NFL Thursday Night Football, History Channel, Counting Cars, NCAA March Madness, and many more.

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“Where Dreams Begin” is a glimpse into an instrumental realm of peace, ambience and cinematic emotion. “These songs have been with me for a while,” states Evan Carr, who is the visionary and ‘eMagination’ behind the project. “I began having this vision when I was in my late teens, while working graveyard shifts. I would remember going home and playing the piano and acoustic guitar quietly enough so that nobody would wake.” Several years later, his vision has finally come to life.

Carr, who spent much of his youth touring with his old band, opening for national acts, playing Warped Tour, and receiving national attention for his music, never quite had the opportunity to finish his vision. “I kind of went through a reboot. In my mid 20’s, I asked myself what I was doing with my life. After a difficult band break up followed by an even more difficult failed relationship, I had nothing left in me. I spent years trying to do other things in the corporate world while trying to find myself again. I did things that had no passion in them for me, just for the paycheck. Truthfully, it took many years to move on from the past. The idea of playing music again became a mere fantasy, but one day I had finally had enough. Of course, money is nice, but ultimately wasn’t worth it to me or my sanity anymore. I’m different and I’m now beginning to really accept that. I will live by the memories and hearts that I touch, the people that I move. The material items that I may acquire don’t mean a thing in the end. It may sound cliché but it’s true”.

In Spring of 2015, Carr decided it was time for a change. “I remember stumbling upon old demos I had recorded and telling myself that I really needed to do this.” Carr, who had sold much of his music equipment, postband breakup, successfully ran a crowdfunding campaign to obtain the equipment needed to create a quality release. “Honestly, I have so many supportive friends. People gave what they could. I was grateful, especially being in debt due to failed past music projects, I really needed the help.” It was finally time for the vision to begin. “The recording process took several months, from getting the right gear to teaching myself some recording techniques, it was a learning experience, but I felt like I needed to do this myself. I didn’t want anyone compromising my vision in the studio”.

Carr spent much of the recording process putting pieces in here and there between working full time and tending to other obligations and finally made a big change. “In the Summer of 2015, I finally decided to take a risk. I left my corporate job, started my own business, and began focusing more on music.” Carr spent much of the summer putting the final touches on “Where Dreams Begin” and transitioning into a healthier lifestyle. “I wanted to capture that feeling that I used to get while playing music. I wanted to keep the adolescence that was felt in these songs back when I began to write them.” Although Carr added his now “matured” feel to the music, they stay true to the original demos. “I wanted something high quality but not too polished. While recording, I kept some mistakes in there. I didn’t put every note on the grid, I didn’t want my music in perfect time. I wanted the music to feel natural, not robotic. Maybe the average person won’t notice but I’ve got a lot of musician friends with good ears (laughs).”

The truly organic, heartfelt E.P. is just a short glimpse into the vision that Carr has for his musical future. “Honestly, I love the connection that people have with music. I want to touch people. Even though these are instrumentals, I believe people can connect with the raw emotion of music itself. For me, “Where Dreams Begin” is about letting go, coming to peace and moving on. Letting your dreams begin again, no matter what you’ve been through.I know it sounds silly, but when I wrote these songs, I was going through a lot. When I finished them, I had finally come to peace with my past and was ready to move forward.”

Carr plans to release several more tracks in the near future for immediate download. “I want to stay relevant. So many artists wait too long to put something out. I’m not going to pretend that I have a huge fan base out there, but I’m eager and loyal, no matter how long it takes. I want people to stay interested in what I have to put out there. If I’m lucky, I’ll grow and have enough people to do just that.” Carr also plans to write music and scores for TV, movies, and commercial. “I’ve always loved things that the average person doesn’t seem to notice. Music can make or break a soundtrack or scene in a movie. There’s nothing better than music setting the mood, I want to be apart of that.”

“Where Dreams Begin” was released on August 25th, 2015, which happened to be Carr’s 27th birthday. The E.P. is available via digital download on Band Camp. Fans can support Carr by paying whatever they’d like for the E.P. “Honestly, I just want people to spread the word. If you can’t afford it, please download it and recommend it to a friend. If you can spare some change, that helps me invest back into the music. I’m grateful for any support I can get.”

Take a glimpse into Carr’s ‘eMagination’, as dreams are just beginning.”


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